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Some people know about the 3 c's when it comes to purchasing a diamond: Color, Clarity, and Cut. But there are other factors that help determine the real value of a diamond. Many jewelers don't even tell their customers about color, clarity, and cut and almost no other jewelers explain the other elements that go into determining the value of a diamond. 


Ask us about "proportions" and "fluorescence." These are two elements about which most stores never tell you.

The "high-end" jewelry stores spend thousands of dollars on advertising and mall or downtown rent for fancy stores with "special" lighting. Those factors go into the high overhead and further increase the cost of a diamond.

We are trusted diamond experts who want to provide you with the lowest cost for the highest-quality diamond jewelry. Our store is not "fancy" and our overhead is low. These factors, along with our low mark-up and affiliation with one of New England's largest wholesale diamond brokers, allow us to sell you the diamond ring or diamond earrings that you want at a substantially lower price than anyone else on Cape Cod.

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